I Lost My Memory, But I Found It!

On Saturday, I celebrated my 68th birthday and on Monday I lost my memory!

My memory actually was the Kodak  2GB memory card from my camera, which contained spectacular pictures from Elm Elementary School program and my grandson’s 4th birthday celebration.

I knew that my son had taken pictures of our family celebration of Jonah’s and my birthday. However,  I was so disappointed that I would never have the pictures of the 1st -5th graders taking their Brain Color Quizzes to discover their Brain Colors and creatively making sashes, headbands and bows from Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange crepe paper, which all the student wore to the  gymnasium where I showed them my Princess Shayna Musical DVD.

I had to exercise all my Brain Colors to deal with my memory loss.

My Yellow Brain created a plan to call various departments at the Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois where I had presented a What Color Is Your Brain? program for the Illinois Electrology Association . Kudos to the university staff, who all were very Blue and Helpful, especially Ryan Brown who is in charge of the university switch board. Ryan took the time to search the room for me.

My Blue Brain tried to remain calm and not become too emotional about loss of my memory chip.

My Green Brain thought of various scenarios to solve the problem and recreate the pictures. I could contact the principal and my friend Hala Hindi and ask them to contact all the PTO parents who helped out during my program and ask some of the teachers if they could have their students recreate their creative Brain Color sashes, headbands and bows.

My Orange Brain was ecstatic when I found the little blue memory chip on a blue flower on the floral area rug in my office. My husband and I had already searched my office and rolling suitcases that I use to carry my books, program materials and computer several time, but to no avail.  I could not believe my eyes, after 2 days of searching and disappointment.

RIMSIYAVYO! there it was!!  if you do not remember from previous blog post, Rimsiyavyo is the word Sigmund the Royal Wizard’s explains when he solve the problem in Princess Shayan’s Invisible Visible Gift. It actually it is the Yiddish expression  “Oy va is mir!” (Oh, woe is me!) backward. When you solve a problem you see it differently and are no longer woeful.

I do not know how we missed the card, but I did not stop to figure it out! I immediately imported the pictures into my Picasa photo program for safe keeping and future sharing!!

RIMSIYAVYO! I am so delighted that I found my memory.

When have you had a “RIMSIYAVYO!” and/or lost your memory and found it?

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  1. nos fo yelnats eth rednow tolip on February 5, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    RIMSIYAVYO! Happy you found your memory 🙂 I left mine in a brown paper bag… Oh wait, that’s from a song–don’t know where it is–what was I talking about?
    Well there was a Draft…

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