I Experienced Bully Behavior In A Doctor’s Office!

A Doctor Who Is A Bully

Last month, I experienced Bully Behavior in a doctors office! My husband and I were shocked and disturbed by the doctor’s behavior:
1. His belligerent tone of voice.
2. His lack of eye contact with me and my husband.
3. His body language, with his feet out in front of him and his arms crossed over his chest and belly.

My Decision

After my appointment, reported him to the appropriate people. I also decided that I had to write about Bully Behavior to help other people and deal with inappropriate and offensive behavior.

Bully Behavior In Our Lives

Sadly, we read, listen, and/or watch disturbing information about the bully and violent behavior in home, schools, workplaces, communities, govermnent agencies, and countries.

Time To Think About Bully Behavior

The experience gave me the time to think about the adults and children who have also experienced Bully Behavior and how the 4 Brain Color Personalitie, recognize Bully Behavior, how each one feels bullied, and how they each courageously deal with and redirect Bully Behavior, which I will discuss in this blog post and sequential blog post, in the next few weeks.

An Explanation, But NOT An Excuse For Bully Behavior

An explanation of Bully Behavior is when an individual does not feel that his or her Brain Color Personality feels bright and comfortable, and they do not feel capable and esteemed. That is when their Brain Color Personality feels Shadowed and uncomfortable, they feel vulnerable and misunderstood. Another term to describe their behavior is “Wet Paint”: “Do not touch.”, “Let me dry.”, “Give me time.”

A Visual Explanation of Bully Behavior

A visual explanation of Bully Behavior is exemplified by Meevillain, who is a character in Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, which my children’s book version of What Color Is Your Brain?®. I created Meevillain as the antagonist who represents Shadowed behavior in my fairy tale.
• When people demonstrate negative Bully Behavior they are only thinking about themselves and how someone else hurt, scared, or misunderstood Me.
• Then they do evil, harmful, or injurious things to other adults or children.
• Finally, they become a villain to themselves and others. No matter which of the four behaviors they exhibit, they transform themselves into a Meevillain.

Bully Behavior Tip #1

Below is my First Bully Behavior Tip, which are examples of the 4 people who can be involved in Bully Behavior.

Bully Behavior Tip #1 – The 4 People Involved In Bully (Shadowed/“Wet Paint”) Behavior
1. The Bully: The aggressor who teases and torments another individual.
2. The Bullied: The child or adult who is harassed at school, work, home, or in their community.
3. The Baiter: The Bully’s “Yes Person” who provokes a reaction for the bully.
4. The Bystander: The individual who does not get involved out of fear or indifference.

Final Thoughts

I am blessed and grateful that I have never personally experienced Bully Behavior directed to me and my husband, before our experence with the doctor mentioned in this post. I trust this information was helpful to you. I will lhave more information, next week. Please share this post with others and encourage an adult and/or child you know to courageously seek the help and safety they need to prevent Bully Behavior!



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