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Today, it is my privilege and pleasure to introduce to you a remarkable teacher “Drumroll” …. Leigh Cassell. Leigh and I met several months ago via LinkedIn and I am sure you will be impressed when you read about Leigh’s “Brainbow” skills and the Human Digital Library she has created!

I admire Leigh’s Yellow Brain Organizational skills to manage all the copious educational resources and content for her Human Digital Library.
I love Leigh’s Blue Brain and Heart that are passionate and about her students.
I am in awe of Leigh’s Green Brain Technological skills to develop this Amazing Educational resource for student and teachers all over the world
I  am enjoying Leigh’s Orange Brain Energy and Excitement about her work and our collaboration to share the Princess Shayna – Brain Color School Program with her entire school.

On April 18th, Leigh and I are going to present a Princess Shayna – Brain Color Program to all the 1st – 6th graders at her school. We will be able to accomplish this exciting event with  Michael Pfannenstiel’s FieldTripZoom interactive video conferencing.

I have asked Leigh to be a my guest blogger and share her mission about the Human Digital Library, which  helps and  provides students with 21st century learning opportunities that integrate information and communication technology (ICT) into our classroom programs to improve educational achievement, enrich curriculum experiences, stimulate student interest and curiosity, and increase student engagement and participation!!

Now, here’s Leigh and the Human Digital Library…

“My name is Leigh Cassell and I am elementary school teacher at Stephen Central Public School, with the Avon Maitland District School Board (AMDSB), in Crediton, ON.  For the past 8 years I have taught students in the intermediate and primary grades, with a focus on using new innovative technologies effectively to increase student engagement and participation, improve student achievement, and prepare students to succeed in the 21st century. Today I am asking for your support to help fund the development of my exciting new educational website, the Digital Human Library.

The Digital Human Library is a free educational resource that connects K-12 teachers and students with experts and organizations around the word interested in video conferencing with their classes.

Organizations registered with the dHL, like the Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Botanical Gardens, and Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, have experts in a variety of areas who are interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences with students to help enrich our classroom programs and provide support for teachers.  Field trips and guest speakers are expensive, and in many cases the distances are far too great for students to travel.  As a result, teachers can offer only a few of these exciting opportunities for learning over the course of the school year.  The Digital Human Library is a resource that provides teachers and students with unlimited access to these unique learning opportunities, not otherwise available from any other type of classroom resource.

Videoconferencing makes it easy and affordable for teachers to bring the field trip experience into the classroom.  Imagine your child sharing stories of adventures to museums, archaeological digs, art galleries, and festivals, or explaining what the class learned from an optometrist, farmer, and musician! The possibilities are endless . . .

By supporting the Digital Human Library, you are helping to provide students with 21st century learning opportunities that integrate information and communication technology (ICT) into our classroom programs to improve educational achievement, enrich curriculum experiences, stimulate student interest and curiosity, and increase student engagement and participation. What’s more, when dHL members engage with students in our classrooms, they help students make connections across all areas of the curriculum and to the world beyond the school, with a focus on how this knowledge will affect their lives in the future, strengthening the relationships between our communities and schools. With your contribution, all funds raised through my campaign will be used to further develop the Digital Human Library website. An improved website means that the Digital Human Library will bring the field trip experience into even more Canadian classrooms, and provide new experiences and learning opportunities for thousands of children. To learn more about the Digital Human Library, my Campaign, and how you can support this exciting new initiative. Please click on this LINK!

Geography should not be a barrier to great conversations and meaningful experiences for all students. I believe in using simple and easily available technologies to create global connections for today’s learners. I believe all students should have the opportunity to experience the world of learning that exists beyond the walls of the classroom.  And I believe that when relationships are strengthened between global communities and schools, all students succeed. Please help me offer even more Canadian teachers and students a new kind of educational experience designed to help them succeed in the 21st century! Please click on this LINK!

Best Regards,
Leigh Cassell Elementary Teacher, AMDSB Founder of the Digital Human Library
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Leigh, Thank you, for you commitment to educating and encouraging the children in your classroom, school and around the world!

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