How You Can Challenge Your Brain By Playing The Piano, Again?

A New Challenge

I decided a needed a new challenge and playing the piano would be that challenge.
I wanted to:
1. Re-learn my piano skills to stimulates my brain activity.
2. Play the piano becauase it involves hand eye coordination.
3. A challenge to improve and maintain my cognitive functioning.

My Piano Memories

I have my Baldwin Acrosonic upright piano in our living room. It was the piano my parent purchased when I was child. Now, my piano is an antique that holds many wonderful memories. I took lessons and played the piano until I was in high school. Our children loved tapping on the ivory keys to make their own music, as did our grandchildren. To my delight, when our eldest grandson, was taking  piano lessons he would practice his lessons and then perform beatiful musical recitals for us.

Piano Books

I knew I need beginner piano books, to start playing, again. I called Tim Paul, the owner of Piano Trends and Tim said he had a selection of piano books. In fact, when Jordan and I stop at Piano Trends, yesterday, I realized the book Tim had selected was too advanced for me. I selected two Beginning Primer Level books. One is the featured photo in this blog post.

Brain Color Piano Playing

I thougt about why my Brain Colors want to play the piano, again.

My Yellow Brain enjoys a structured schedule.

My Blue Brain loves the memories I have of my piano, my childhood home, and my parents.

My Green Brain knows that the methodical reading to create notes to the songs are healthy for my left and right brain.

My Orange Brain is up for a fun-filled challenge.

Closing Thought

Think about what you can do to challenge your Brain Colors. Maybe it is an activity that is new or something you would enjoy revisiting.


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