How Would You Feel If You Were Uprooted and Transplanted?

A gardener will tell you that working in the dirt is soothing to the soul. As I wrote in my April 30th blog post, I decided to edit my garden to increase my pleasure and and decrease the stress from the plant eating deer!

Today, I finally completed all the editing chores on my Yellow Brain Garden To Do List, by transplanting about 100 daffodils.

As I was transplanting the daffodils, I thought about how easy it was to dig them up and how amazed I was when I discovered their enmeshed,  intricate, and delicate roots in each clump. When I began my transplanting, I started with a clump of  lovely hostas, which been thriving in my one of my  perennial gardens. That was not an easy chore. I had to prepare and soak the soil and then use one of my sharper shovels to dig deep into the soil to avoid damaging the roots. I finally was able to dig around the hostas, uproot them, divide them in half, and transplant them in a new home in my garden.

As I transplanted each plant, I sprinkled a little Rootone on the roots to encourage their growth. Then I watered each plant with a mixture of  Miracle-Gro Quick Star to help the plant from going into shock and a little  Miracle Gro Plant Food to to give the plant and soil healthy nutrients it needs to grow and thrive in its new home.

The uprooting and transplanting process began to create images and a metaphor of people when they are are uprooted and transplanted because of  joyful and tragic circumstances. It seemed like each of my plants was an immigrant in a new home.

My logical Green Brain began thinking about each Brain Color Personality and how they would respond to being uprooted and transplanted by choice, fear, age, opportunity, weather disasters, economics, birth, death, and/or war.

Yellow Brainers would find being uprooted and transplanted difficult because they need stability in their lives. They would find it easier to adapt if they were able to prepare and plan for their new home.

Blue Brainers would find being uprooted and transplanted difficult because they might have to leave some, if not all, the people they love. They would find it easier to adapt if they knew when and where they would reunited with their loved ones.

Green Brainers would find being uprooted and transplanted difficult because they would leave behind the privacy and calmness of the life they know. They would find it easier to adapt if the were able to research and learn more about where they were going.

Orange Brainer would find being uprooted and transplanted difficult because someone else might be in charge of their life and they would have to abide by that person’s rules. They would find it easier to adapt than the other Brain Color personalities because they could look at the experience as an adventure.

I have been musing about how grand it would be if uprooting and transplanting people could be as gentle and comfortable for each child and/or adult as my it was for my lovingly well cared plants.

The next time learn about someone being uprooted and transplanted or meet someone has had that experience, I trust you will think about this metaphor and that individual’s experience from a different perspective. Maybe you can offer them something to help them feel rooted, well feed, and nurtured, so they can grow and thrive in their new home. It can be as easy as a smile and a kind word!

How would you feel if you were Uprooted and Transplanted?

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