Do You Want to Know How to Solve the Mystery of Writing Your Book?

I find it fascinating that so many people are eager to know how an author writes a book. They are curious for many reason. Below are just a few:
1. They want to write a book.
2. They are thinking about writing a book.
3. They don’t know how to begin writing a book.
4. The began writing a book, but stopped.
5. Someone else wants them to write a book.

I begin by explaining that my writing process involves Yellow Brain Planning, Blue Brain Creativity, Green Brain Research, and Orange Brain Determination. I utilized the same process for writing all my books, and for my reviewing and revising my book when it is in a manuscript form and my editor has sent her edits back to me to review and revise.

This blog is timely because I just completed the second round of reviewing and revising my latest book, What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients. By the end of June,  I will have completed several rounds of reviewing and revising the manuscript before I send it back to my editor.

Now to the answer, most writers will agree with, of how to solve the mystery of writing your book. It is not complicated, nor does it require great skill. It is surprisingly simple… You put your tushy, also known as your buttock, fanny, bottom, derriere, gluteus maximus, butt and/or posterior, in a chair and begin writing!

My tushy is in my chair and now I must conclude this post and get back to my revisions.

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