How Do You Practice: “Do The Right Thing”?

Life-Long Lesson

Today’s post is from my family business memoir, No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense), which is my 6th book.

“Do the Right Thing!” is a life-long lesson children are hopefully taught and carry with them into adulthood. With the world turned upside down with the war in Ukraine, COVID, the US economy this life-long lesson is essential.

Book Chapter

This post is an excerpt from Chapter 7 – No Bunk Lab-Line Reminiscence, Wisdom, and Inspiration 

Below is a story from Lab-Line Life-Long Lessons and was contributed by my friend Michael A. Sobel, CPCU

Do The Right Thing Lesson

Do the Right Thing

“As a family and business friend, the following are my thoughts and lessons from the past that I learned from Al and Sylvia Newman.

  • Listen, be professional, and always do the right thing whether it benefits you or not. This ALWAYS works, in the long run.
  • Help others if you can, and Al and Sylvia did!
  • Take care of your crew first, and Al and Sylvia did!
  • The crew then took care of them by making great products! (I remember some of those great crew members.)

Al and Sylvia were tough on me, but always respectful.

I do miss them. I still have fond memories of both of them!”

Final Thought

I trust that the Do The Right Thing Lesson will resonate with you  and encourage you to follow my parents examples with your family members, “crew,” team members, colleagues, and friends!

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