How and Why The Four Brain Color Personalities Say “Thank You!”

Yesterday, I posted my  “Dramatic” Announcement that Princess Shayna Is Going To Broadway!

Since then, I have been delightfully overwhelmed by all the lovely, thoughtful, surprising, and kind email messages and comments on my  What Color Is Your Brain? Facebook page and LinkedIn pages about The Invisible Visible Gift Musical.

All these messages got my Green Brain thinking about how and why each Brain Color Personality says “Thank you!”

Yellow Brainers reply in a timely manner because they believe it is the appropriate way to acknowledge others. They prefer properly hand written notes, but they will write email notes or cards to say “Thank you!”.

Blue Brainers reply because they want to thank each individual for thinking about them and taking the time to write a message. They prefer calling people to personally say “Thank you!”.

Green Brainers reply because they have been taught by conventional wisdom to acknowledge others. Their preference is to efficiently text their “Thank you!” messages.

Orange Brainers reply because they were so excited to read all the different messages. Their preference is use the quickest means to say “Thank you!” with an email, phone call, text or hand written a note.

Now, my Yellow Brain must finish this post to reply, in a timely fashion, and say “Thank you!” to all individuals who sent their delightful emails and comments to me yesterday and today!

orange brain lifting weights

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