Holiday Tips #2 – Brain Color Shopping Styles, Gifts, Decorations, and Books

Brain Color Tips

Below are myHoliday Tips #2 from my What Color Is Your Brain? book to help you understand how each Brain Color personality handles the stress of shopping for Holiday Gifts and how to make your shopping easier and hassle-free for your Christmas and Chanukah celebrations!

Shopping Styles
Yellow Brainers: Check off a detailed list
Blue Brainers: Make gifts
Green Brainers: Shop online
Orange Brainers: Last minute on Christmas Eve or on the 8th day of Chanukah

Gift Selection
Yellow Brainers like Practical Gifts: Clocks, watches, purses, robes, sweaters, scarves, jewelry, picture album, wallet, calendar
Blue Brainers like Personal and Romantic Gifts: Picture frames, candles, garden items, gifts for pets, tickets to a play or concert
Green Brainers like Technical Gifts: Cutting edge gadgets, computers, electronic devices, lessons, books
Orange Brainers like Fun Gifts: Sports equipment or memorabilia, tools, gadgets, tickets to a sporting event or getaway trip

Gift Flowers or Decorations
Yellow Brainers prefer: Traditional flowers in attractive, reusable container
Blue Brainers prefer: Colorful flowers they can arrange themselves
Green Brainers prefer: A plant they don’t have to care for
Orange Brainers prefer: A variety of flowers and/or colorful balloons

Books Gifts
Yellow Brainers like to read: History, bestsellers, religion
Blue Brainers like to read: Biography, self-help, inspirational
Green Brainers like to read: Technology, mysteries, crossword puzzles
Orange Brainers like to read: Sports, “how to…”, adventures

Finial Thoughts 

Many people who have read What Color Is Your Brain? tell me:
1. They have purchased What Color Is Your Brain? as a Holiday gift.
2. They love sharing the book with family members and friends as a game during holiday celebrations and vacations.
3. Everyone enjoys guessing and laughing about each other’s Brain Colors, plus sharing why they think that person has specific attributes and abilities of that Brain Color.

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