Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping can be a dilemma or a delight depending on your Brain Color personality type.

The following  Brain Color Tips will help to make your Holiday Shopping experience
easier and more enjoyable!

Shopping Styles:

Yellow Brainers: Prepare a list
Blue Brainers: Ask for advice
Green Brainers: Make comparisons
Orange Brainers: Be spontaneous

When Holiday Shopping:

Yellow Brainers: Make a list
Blue Brainers: Go with friends
Green Brainers: Research ideas
Orange Brainers: Have fun   

Shopping for others makes me feel:

Yellow Brainers: Responsible
Blue Brainers: Helpful
Green Brainers: Accomplished
Orange Brainers:Happy   

Gift Giving & Receiving:

Yellow Brainers: Practical – Clocks, Robes, Scarves
Blue Brainers: Romantic/Personal – Jewelry, Candles, Picture frames
Green Brainers: Technical – Gadgets, Electronic devises, Computers
Orange Brainers: Fun – Sports equipment, Tools, Concert tickets

Book Selections

Yellow Brainers: History, Best sellers, Religion
Blue Brainers: Biographies, Self-help, Inspirational
Green Brainers: Technology, Mysteries, Non- fiction
Orange Brainers: Sports, “How to…”, Adventures

Favorite Floral Arrangements:

Yellow Brainers: Conventional
Blue Brainers: Colorful
Green Brainers:Simple
Orange Brainers: Eclectic   

Happy Shopping and…

Please, leave a comment and let me know which Holiday Shopping Tips
were most helpful to you.

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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