Holiday Changes, Stress, Loss and Grief

During the holidays change, stress and a sense of loss or grief can be significant.
Missing a loved one who has passed away can be a stressful change during the holiday season or a family celebration.

John De Berry, a grief counselor and consultant who was the Bereavement Coordinator of Palliative Care and Home Hospice Program at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital says, “Change is inevitable; growth is optional. We need to acknowledge our unique differences and understand that we may not act as we did when everyone in the family was together. Changes can create growth if we focus on the positive in people. For the first set of holidays, you can blend aspects of the past with the present.”

I hope the following Brain Color suggestions will help you and/or some one you care about create a remembrance or legacy that will be comforting and ease the Holiday stress of change, loss and/or grief.

A “Yellow Brainer” can establish a remembrance tradition with a special
prayer or by serving a loved one’s favorite food at the holiday meal.

A “Blue Brainer” will enjoy sharing stories about a loved one or singing his
or her favorite holiday songs, especially with the adults and children who
did not know the person.

A “Green Brainer” may want to observe a private memorial to honor a
loved one by visiting the cemetery or lighting a remembrance candle.

An “Orange Brainer”might like to celebrate a loved one’s life and memory
by releasing balloons that contain a “love” message or engaging in a loved one’s favorite sport or hobby.

The expectations, changes, and stress during the holidays can keep us from enjoying the moment and moving on to celebrate our lives in a new way.

Author Victor Parachin says…
“We can use the past as a
guide post or
a hitching post.”


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