Holiday Celebration Tips

your relatives come home for a Holiday celebration, do they
resemble the people
on the
“Most Wanted” listings at your local post office
or characters on a Disney World vacation brochure?

Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “When our relatives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them.”

Understanding the people you are related to or have to relate and their Brain Color personalities will help you recognize their good points and idiosyncrasies.
The following Brain Color Tips will help to make your Holiday Celebration more comfortable and fun!

Holiday Attitudes

Yellow Brainers: Tradition
Blue Brainers: Peace & Love
Green Brainers: Bah, humbug
Orange Brainers: Let’s party!

Holiday Stressors:

Yellow Brainers: Last minute changes
Blue Brainers: No one offers to help
Green Brainers: Hustle & bustle
Orange Brainers: Obligations

Holiday Gatherings:

Yellow Brainers: Timely
Blue Brainers: Relaxed
Green Brainers: Quiet
Orange Brainers: Noisy


Yellow Brainers: Annual favorites
Blue Brainers: Every one’s individual favorites
Green Brainers: Simple buffet
Orange Brainers: Pot Luck

Celebrations that include:

Yellow Brainers: Family traditions
Blue Brainers: Family & friends
Green Brainers: Alone time
Orange Brainers: Entertainment

Enjoyable Activities:

Yellow Brainers: Annual family favorites
Blue Brainers: Sitting & talking with loved ones
Green Brainers: Putting toys & games together
Orange Brainers: Play games & sports

Decorating the House:

Yellow Brainers: Organized & the same a last year
Blue Brainers: Creative & hand made
Green Brainers: System for doing it the best way
Orange Brainers: Can’t remember where stuff is   


Yellow Brainers: Sent early
Blue Brainers: Hand crafted
Green Brainers: Online “Evites”
Orange Brainers: Phone calls


Yellow Brainers: Accept – Promptly or Regrets – Calendar is full
Blue Brainers: Accept – Enjoy sharing with others or Regrets – Have to take care of family members
Green Brainers: Accept – If a small gathering or Regrets – Needs down time
Orange Brainers: Accept – Opportunity for more fun or Regrets – Going to be away on a vacation 

Enjoy Celebrating and…

Please, leave a comment and let me know which
Holiday Celebration Tips were most helpful to you.

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