Hold Your Breath!

Holding my breath

Yesterday,  I experienced a routine ultrasound. The technician instructed me to take in a deep breath and hold my breath.

I explained to her that I had been practicing yoga more than 25 years and I preferred my Belly Breathing, which might make her job more challenging. She said it would and asked me to breathe by filling up my lungs, not my belly.

Following Directions

My Yellow Brain follow her directions. However, I found this type of breathing most difficult.

My Blue Brain and body were exhausted after the 15 minute ultrasound.

Belly Breathing

You might be wondering what Belly Breathing is, if you do not practice yogi.

An easy definition of Belly Breathing is Diaphragmatic Breathing or Abdominal Breathing. This type of breathe work encourages a full oxygen exchange. It is the beneficial exchange of incoming oxygen for outgoing carbon dioxide. This type of breathing slows the heart rate, can lower or stabilize blood pressure, and helps to relax your body and your brain.

I can attest to all those benefits every day and especially four years ago. I practiced my belly breathing after I fell off a raised flower bed in one of our gardens and broke my right tibia. My Belly Breathing was most beneficial through the entire experience: the ride in the ambulance to the hospital and our doctor’s office, our doctor casting my leg, my recuperation, therapy, and complete recovery!

Belly Breathe Video

I love this Belly Breathe video for children and adults, who want to learn how to experience Belly Breathing and its healthy benefits. I hope you will find this video helpful, especially during the stressful time of the Coronavirus, virtual learning, working from home, business closings, the election, and the national and international disasters that are effecting adults an children.

Final thought

Don’t hold your breath and forget to breathe!  Practice your Belly Breathing and take good care of yourself!


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