Helpful Tips When Your Brain Color Personality Is Feeling Overwhelmed!

One definition of overwhelm is bury or drown beneath a huge mass. That is how All my Brain Colors are feeling today. I could list what has made me feel overwhelmed, but then you might also feel overwhelmed! Instead my Blue Brain is going to take a break from my tasks and write this blog post.

I am confident it will help me and also help you deal with the feelings of being overwhelmed.

Time constraints and doing more tasks with less time causes individuals to feel overwhelm. Each Brain Color has unique ways of dealing with feelings of being overwhelmed.

Yellow Brainers
•    Make lists
•    Get organized
•    Check off their accomplishments
•    “I’ll just do it myself”

Blue Brainers
•    Take a break from work and then go back to tasks
•    Become exceptionally quiet
•    Talk with others about issues and ask for their perspective
•    Let go of emotions with a person they trust

Green Brainers
•    Prioritize tasks logically
•    Process problem solving by themselves
•    Withdraw to analyze situation
•    Identify available resources

Orange Brainers
•    Engage in a physical activity
•    “Don’t worry, be happy!”
•    Make time to do something that is fun
•    Jump in an get the job done

Now that my Blue Brain is feeling much more comfortable I do not feel as overwhelmed and  I can go back to completing my Yellow Brain To Do List!

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