Help Children Thrive with Stable Roots and Encouraging Wings!

Many people have heard the expression: “We can give our children two things: One is roots; The other is wings.”

I first saw this wisdom in 1984 on a painting that was given to me as gift from a neighbor.

I have taken literary license and amended the expression to read:

The most important things you can give your children are roots and wings.

However, if you cut the roots the tree will die, if you cut the wings the bird can’t fly”.

Each Brain Color child needs the loving security of roots and the encouragement of wings to be self-confident in a trustworthy environment at home, school or in his or her community!

Yellow Brain Children need to feel a strong sense of pride and responsible accomplishment.

Blue Brain Children need to know others genuinely listen to and value their ideas.

Green Brain Children need to have their intelligence and problem solving skills acknowledged.

Orange Brain Children need to experience freedom and opportunities to take risks.

Now, let your children THRIVE, THRIVE, THRIVE, THRIVE!

You can read more about your children’s Brain Color Personalities in chapter #10 of What Color Is Your Brain?®.

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