Health Care Book and Tips, Color-filled Programs and Poetry in the October BrainBuzz Newsletter

Do you ever feel like you are rollerblading at high speed? That is how I have felt all month. This week, my Yellow Brain has been organizing my office and calendar; my Blue Brain continues to reminisce and talk about all the extraordinary people I met at my What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs in September and October; my Green Brain is developing a new marketing system for my books and programs; and my Orange Brain is eagerly looking forward to future  Brain Color program and book ideas!

In September, my husband and I relished our grand vacation filled with reading, relaxing and riding in Door County Wisconsin. In September and October also enjoyed memorable and remarkable programs and book sales, which I will write about in future blog posts. However, before the month is gone I wanted to share my October BrainBuzz Newsletter with all of you.

This month you can learn more about :
1. My latest Brain Color book that is entitled , which can be purchased at .
2. What Color Is Your Brain Staff Team Building and Professional Development Programs that could help your business and/or team.
3. Oliver Wendell Holmes quote about the direction in your life from written by 4. Good Health Tips about the ALCAT Testing, which is a unique cellular responses to foods, chemicals, and environmental elements and the Original Yoga Sandals, which I call “Yoga Toes” to help your feet and bunions.
5. A color-filled poem, written by an unknown author entitled The Day The Colors Quarreled.
6. October was Awareness Month for: Bully Prevention, Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer, Gay and Lesbian History, Depression Education, Crime Prevention.
7. All the What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs that I was honored to present in October and I will be privileged to present in November for terrific clients and remarkable program attendees.

I hope reading the October BrainBuzz Newsletter will a helpful Halloween treat! 

Health Care Brain Color Book Boost Brain PowerDiscover your Brain Colors and Boost your Brain Power with more links in the right-hand side column of this page! I allocate 100% of the Royalties for Purr-fect Pals and 10% of the Royalties from the sale of my other books to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)!



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