Health Care Book and Tips, Color-filled Programs and Poetry in the October BrainBuzz Newsletter

Do you ever feel like you are rollerblading at high speed? That is how I have felt all month. This week, my Yellow Brain has been organizing my office and calendar; my Blue Brain continues to reminisce and talk about all the extraordinary people I met at my What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs in September and October; my Green Brain is developing a new marketing system for my books and programs; and my Orange Brain is eagerly looking forward to future  Brain Color program and book ideas!

In September, my husband and I relished our grand vacation filled with reading, relaxing and riding in Door County Wisconsin. In September and October also enjoyed memorable and remarkable programs and book sales, which I will write about in future blog posts. However, before the month is gone I wanted to share my October BrainBuzz Newsletter with all of you.

This month you can learn more about :
1. My latest Brain Color book that is entitled What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring for Patients: An Easy Approach for Understanding Your Personality Type and Your Patient’s  Perspective, which can be purchased at Healio book.
2. What Color Is Your Brain Staff Team Building and Professional Development Programs that could help your business and/or team.
3. Oliver Wendell Holmes quote about the direction in your life from Quotes for Life and Words to Live By written by Joseph A. Fermano.
4. Good Health Tips about the ALCAT Testing, which is a unique cellular responses to foods, chemicals, and environmental elements and the Original Yoga Sandals, which I call “Yoga Toes” to help your feet and bunions.
5. A color-filled poem, written by an unknown author entitled The Day The Colors Quarreled.
6. October was Awareness Month for: Bully Prevention, Domestic Violence, Breast Cancer, Gay and Lesbian History, Depression Education, Crime Prevention.
7. All the What Color Is Your Brain?® Programs that I was honored to present in October and I will be privileged to present in November for terrific clients and remarkable program attendees.

I hope reading the October BrainBuzz Newsletter will a helpful Halloween treat! 

Health Care Brain Color Book Boost Brain PowerDiscover your Brain Colors and Boost your Brain Power with more links in the right-hand side column of this page! I allocate 100% of the Royalties for Purr-fect Pals and 10% of the Royalties from the sale of my other books to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation)!



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