The Consequences of Mocking and Judging Other’s Behavior

Last night, I was taking a load of laundry out of the dryer. To my dismay, again, the laundry was covered with Kleenex snow flakes. Again, I was overwhelmed with laughter.

Yesterday, I needed a Kleenex during my Yoga class and I reached into the pocket of my jacket and was delighted to find a piece of Kleenex in my pocket. Again, I was amused and chucked to myself, so to not disturb the other people in my class.

You might be wondering why I would find this inconvenience so amusing or  why I would be amused when I discovered a Kleenex in my pocket.

I was amused, again and again, because I remembered how I always teased my mother about having Kleenex in her pockets.

Now, I am the one who always has Kleenex in her pockets. My amusement triggers happy and funny memories of my mother, which makes my Blue Heart Sing!

Again, and again, one of my favorite mantras reminds me of  my reality and the consequences of my behavior:
You mock the things you are to be so judge them very carefully!”

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