Having A Bad Personality Day

Most of us have experienced a “Bad Hair Day.”

But how many of us have had a “Bad Personality Day”?
You may not have heard of the term before,
but I bet you’ve had one.

Well I had a whooper the other day!

My “Yellow Brain” Personality was judgmental.
My “Blue Brain” Personality was unfriendly.
My “Green Brain” Personality was critical.   
My “Orange Brain” Personality was belligerent.

I was a horrid mixture of gloomy shades from each of my Brain Colors.
If I had been paint on a park bench I would have needed a sign that read:
Wet Paint… Do not touch!

I felt like “Meevillain” the Princess of the Forest of Fear,
who was the antagonist in Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift,
my children “Brain Color” fairy tale.

Meevillain represents what Dr. Carl Jung refers to as our “Shadowed”personality. It’s when we are not feeling good or esteemed about ourselves…when we are having a “Bad Personality Day.”

I created the name Meevillain for the menacing princess by combining the following three words:
Me= we are only thinking about our personal perspective.
Evil= we he my behave or say things that may be categorized as harmful or wrong.
Villain = we become that villain to ourselves and others.

I’m glad, and so is my husband, that having a “Bad Personality Day” is a most infrequent experience.

My advice, if you’re having a
“Bad Personality Day”  just say you are “Meevillain” or
you are “Wet paint, don’t touch.” It’s worked in my house for years.

Wishing you a “Pleasant Personalty Day”!

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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