Have Fun Listening to the Orange Brainers

Have Fun Listening To The Orange Brainers

This Orange Brain Color Tips is the last post for International Listening Awareness Month.

If you think you need a “Color-filled” listening skill refresher, please scroll down the left side bar of the blog to the Category Archive.

Remember, it easy to recognize an Orange Brainer, having a good time…

You will hear them say,

“That looks like fun.” 

“What are we waiting for?”

Can’t you just hear the Orange Brainers
encouraging you to get up and dance? 

You can count an Orange Brainers to
be the “life of the party!”

When you are introduced to them, they will ask you what you: What do for fun? Where do you go on vacation? Do You have any hobbies? 

You won’t forget an Orange Brainer’s upbeat “Have fun!” salutation when they says good-bye on the phone or in an email.

If you have been practicing the previous Yellow, Blue and Green Brain Listening Tips you will have learned that your understanding your Brain Color has made it easier to:

1.Listen to others.
2.Recognize their point of view.
3.Sell your ideas, product or services
4.Communicate your point of view.

I encourage you to share what you have learned by offering your comments at the bottom this post. 

Since, this month has 5 Mondays, I will be writing “Brainbow” Brain Color Clues on March 31st.

April is Couple Appreciation Month and Pharmacist War on Diabetes Month.

Look for Weekly Yellow Brain Color Clues about your romantic relationship and diabetes research and management on April 7th.

Have Fun!

Sheila Glazov~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator

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