I just received the following “Orange and Blue Brain” message from Pamela Gail, founder of the Secret Society of Happy People . Pamela and I met on line last year, when I wrote a blog post and included information about her society.

With all sad news in the media, this message made me smile!

Pamela wrote:

“We’re getting ready for HappyThon 09…hope you’ll participate.

HappyThon 09

Imagine, a day where your e-mail is full of happy news,
where the online chatter is about everything happy,
where there’s so much online happy chatter that happiness
is randomly mentioned in the news, on the radio, and by your friends.

It’s possible.  Just think, if:

500 people posted or sent 12 happy messages that equals 6000 happy messages
that thousands more will read

The social media tools Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, other online communities, and e-mail
make it possible to chat with thousands of not-so-secretly happy people.

Make Plans to Join Not-So-Secretly Happy People for Happython 09

When:  August 1, 2009

Where:  Twitter – Happiness happens.
Happython 09, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, other online communities, & E-mail

Why:  Kick-off the 10th Annual Happiness Happens Month

What:  24 hours of global online happy chatter

How:  Chat with not-so-secretly happy people about anything and everything happy: 
moments, philosophy, how to’s, pick-me-ups, science, quotes, art, videos, television, songs, books, hobbies, and recipes.

•    Become a HappyThon 09 Ambassador (e-mail pamelagail@sohp.com to get the HappyThon 09 Guide with happy resources to share)

•    Mark Your Calendar August 1, 2009 12:00 am—participation begins when it makes you happy.

•    Send an e-mail to everyone reminding them to share happy moments.

•    Interact with other happy people on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or other online communities.

•    Post happy videos on YouTube.

Become an Amused Member of the Secret Society of Happy People @  www.sohp.com (it’s free); Follow Us on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace – links at www.sohp.com.”

Thumbs up… Count me in, Pamela!

Will you help spread the smiles and happiness?

Please, let me know on August 1st at info@sheilaglazov.com.

Sheila N. Glazov, Author and Personality Type Expert who offers workshop, keynote and training programs.
Please, visit my website to learn more about your Brain Colors, my What Color Is Your Brain? book and workshops. 10% of the royalties from the sale of my book is allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) 

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