Happy Children’s Book Week and An International Writing Challenge!

Children’s Book Week

Children’s Book Week is an annual celebration of books for young people, which encourages the joy of reading!


This celebration was established in 1919. It is the longest-running Ameriacan national literacy initiative in the country. Every year, young people across the United States participate by attending events at schools, libraries, bookstores, celebrating at home, and engaging with book creators both online and in person.

Vivian Kirkland – Writer for Children

My children’s book writing friend, Vivian Kirkland posted about the celebration on her blog, today. Vivivan has authored 8 remarkeable children’s books. You can read about all of her books on her website.

Happy #50PreciousWordsforKids!

#50PreciousWordsforKids is an International Writing Challenge that invites children from all over the world to tap experience the joy of  their talents. You can learn more about #50PreciousWordsforKids on Vivian’s webstie.

Books and Opportunities

As an author of 7 books, a teacher, mother, grandmother, and an avid reader, I value books and the opportunities they offer a reader of any age. Books offer oppportunites for young people to expand their knowledge, which builds their self-esteem and gives them the courage to explore their world and discover connections to another person’s world that is different than theirs. Books offer a relaxing respite from the responsibilites of famlly and work for many busy people. Books also offer people, who are homebound or cannot travel because of their health and/or age, a vehicle to transport themselves to places they are not able to visit.

Closing Thought

Books are a treasured gift we give ourselves and can give to others to encourage our imagination, comfort our hearts, and energize our brain power, which keep us healthy and happy!


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