Happy Chanukah!

My “Orange Brain ” is very excited because tonight begins the 8 day celebration of Chanukah, Hanukah or Channukah. A holiday that celebrates re-dedication, freedom from oppression and the opportunity to worship without fear.
Time to make sure:
1. The Menorah is shiny and bright
2. We have enough candles for all eight days
3. Each family member will have their own Chanukah Gelt
4. The Latkes are cooked to perfection
5. My grandmother’s butter cookies are cut into Dreidels and Stars of David and perfectly sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar
6. The Dreidels are ready for spinning!

On Friday night we are having another celebration with our the California, Arizona and Chicago Glazov family members. It will be a grand time with almost 30 people celebrating at our home.

On Sunday, we will have another celebration at my niece Alison’s home, where my brother-in-law, Burt, and I cook all the Latkes.

A Happy, Healthy and Fun Chanukah to all!

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