Happy 40th Birthday!

Today, July 12th is our eldest son is celebrating his 40th birthday. I can hardly believe that we have a son who is 40! I have a indelible a picture in my mind and feeling in my heart of our elation when he was born at 6:50am.

We enjoyed a family celebration on Saturday and called Joshua this morning to wish him a “Happy Birthday!”

Joshua chuckled when I said, “Now, that you are a father you can understand how much Dad and I love you!” As his Aunt Michelle says, “I love you more than tongue can tell!”

From the time Joshua was 8 years old until he was 19 Joshua celebrated his birthday at Camp Shewahmegon on Lake Owen in Drummond, Wisconsin. It was a special treat for Joshua because the remarkable camp owner and director, Bill Will, also celebrates his birthday on July 12th, as does our cousin Steven Elrod and Michelle Glazov Vogel, and one of Joshua’s favorite camp counselors, Bob Cunningham.

“Happy Birthday to Joshua, Bill, Steven, Michelle, Bob and any else celebrating on July 12th; and year filled with and Best Wishes for an abundance of Good Health, Love, Joy, Contentment and Laughter!”


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