Happy 25th Birthday “Princess Shayna” – My Children’s Color-Filled Fairy Tale!

Happy 25th Birthday!

Tomorrow, on 2/2/22, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift will be 25 years of age. My book launch and party were on February 2, 1997! Family and friends helped to celebrate my book, the beautiful illustrations that were drawn and colored by Len Birnbaum, and the Gift Giver’s Guide, to help children, their parents, and teachers begin a conversation about each chapter. I created the Gift Giver’s Guide with the help and expertise of my college roommate Michalle Bracken.

Featured in the photo, on the left, are Jordan, myself, and the amazing cake Jordan had baked and decorated to look exactly like my book cover for my book launch party. It was a beautiful surprise, and I did not want to cut into it. However, I finally cut into the cake, and everyone enjoyed a beautiful and delicious treat!

I also celebrated with my friends Susan Dobbe-Leahy and Carol Campbell on the day the books arrived from the publisher!

Meaningful Messages

During this conflicting time, we are living it, I think it is important to share the significant messages in Princess Shayna with the children in our lives: “There is no greater gift one can give than the gift of self-esteem. Every child deserves to feel loved, safe, and confident within a trustworthy home, school, and community environment!”  

1st and 2nd Editions

The 1st edition was published in 1997 and the 2nd edition was published in 2011.You might be wondering what makes the two editions different. In the 2nd edition, I felt it was critical, as it is today, to include a section about dealing with Bully Behavior. When Princess Shayna visits each of the four villages in the Kingdom of Kindness, I included the following paragraph.

“Adults are accountable for teaching children the difference between acceptable manners and unacceptable behavior when they are not feeling good about themselves at home, school, or in the village,” White Falcon said. “Each child learns the How to Treat Others Principles: Do not frighten, embarrass, threaten or push and shove others, and do not be mean and hurt another villager’s feelings by making fun of their ideas, excluding them from parties or games, talking behind their backs, taking their toys or books, or calling them nasty names.”

The Princess Is Not Perfect

In the story, the children learn they do not have to be perfect to be loved. Not even the princess is perfect, Princess Shayna has Type One Diabetes.
It is important and comforting for the children to understand that other children and adults also face challenges in their lives. 

Fairy Tale and Brain Colors

Princes Shayna is the fairy tale version of What Color Is Your Brain?. 10% of the royalties from the sale of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift are allocated to MISSION IMAGINATION at The Raue Center For The Arts, which has served over 400,000 students. 

Thank You from a Student

I have enjoyed many author visits to school in person and online in the US, Canada, and Germany. My Blue Heart always smiles knowing that reading Princess Shayna has offered so many children the gift of discovering and understanding their Praiseworthy Gifts, attributes, abilities, and strengths! I have a thank you note, which I cherish, from 2014, framed on my desk from a 5th grade boy! Max was in an enrichment class that I visited for a semester, as his class was reading and enjoying activities about Princess Shayna. Blue Heart was deeply touched by Max’s Green Brain note:
“I want you to know how much of an author you mean to me. You are an author who brightened my path, who let me think, who made me strong, and who let me be the way I am. Thank you, Max F.”

Princess Shayna Musical Productions

I am DELIGHTED that a 3rd musical production is being created and will be produced by the MISSION IMAGINATION at The Raue Center for the Arts thanks to Richard Karanda, Billy Seger, and Tim Paul!

It is gratifying to know that the Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift book and the previous two musical productions have taught children valuable life-long lessons about understanding and appreciating other people’s “Praiseworthy Gifts,” which are their strengths, attributes, and abilities!

Closing Thoughts

I am grateful and blessed with all the wonderful experiences and people I have met because of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift!

Copies of Princess Shayna are available on Amazon.com. Remember: 10% of royalties from the sale of my fairy tale will be allocated to MISSION IMAGINATION at The Raue Center For The Arts.



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