Happiness & The Blue Brain Personality Type Workshop

“Collaborative” is a accurate adjective for the Blue Brainers! 

To celebrate the second week of Happiness Happens Month, I want to tell you about the What Color Is Your Brain? Workshop I presented to members of Northwest Suburban Practice Group of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, last Thursday, August 7th.

Notice the “Blue Brain” adjective of the “Collaborative” Law Institute.


What an incredible idea… A team of attorneys, financial planners, health care professionals and coaches“collaborating” to help individuals navigate the difficult journey of divorce.


You have not heard about this group or maybe you read about them in my earlier post Brain Color Collaboration post on April 22, 2008.

I think their “collaborative” concept is creative,  refreshing, helpful and extraordinarily Blue!


The informal intimate group that met at Chessies Restaurant in Barrington, IL, included the following attorneys:
Candace Pietsmann, who had call me to schedule the program the program, Alexandra M. Goddard, Malini M. Byanna, Michelle G. Wiejaczka and Sandra Crawford, whom I had met at the West Suburban Practice Group
of Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois
 in April.


My dear friend, Helen Torscher, who a is Mediator and Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner surprised me.  Joe Genarella, a Pre-divorce Financial Analyst, and I discovered that Joe’s Aunt Jewel and Uncle Johnny Gernarella were also my Aunt and Uncle through my parents’ friendship, when I was a child. Joe and I shared  many fond “Blue Brain” stories and memories before the meeting.


My neighbor, Mary Rose Hoover,owner of Cucina Della Rosa Cooking School Mary Rose Hoover, owner of Cucina Della Rosa Cooking Schoolalso joined the group to observe the workshop. Mary Rose and I are planning to “collaborate” on team building workshop that we will present together in the near future. She and her business attorney, Alexandra “Sandy” Goddard, were surprised to see each other at the program, too.

Blue Collab workshop
6 degrees of separation seemed to permeate the gathering.


Everyone’s “collaborative” energy and most useful ideas were grand:
1. How to deal with the other Brain Colors,
2. Being kind to Green Brain people,
3. Working with other Brain Colors,
4. Discovering what Brain Color I am, and
5. Recruiting and developing teams with Brain Colors.

I also appreciated their compliments about the workshop: Dynamic, Interactive, An Eye Opener, Informative and Upbeat, Informational and Fun, and Wonderful, As Always!

Below is a selection of “Blue Brain Happiness Perspectives” from a variety of my other clients, which will offer you ideas and opportunities to create more Happiness in your life and/or with a Blue Brainer:

1. Building a strong rapport with others = “Collaboration!”
2. Receiving encouragement
3. Knowing how much you care
4. “Blue” hugs
5. Being in touch with their feelings
6. Other’s taking the time to listen and understand their ideas
7. Following their intuition
8. Recognition for their creativity
9. Trustworthy and nurturing relationships
10.Time to enjoy nature


I welcome your comments about…
What you think makes a Blue Brainer Happy!
Blue brainer Happy
Sheila, a Blue Brainer, happy about sharing her “Inside This Shirt Is One Terrific Kid!” shirt.

Sheila N. Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator ~ Personality Type Expert
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