Green Wet Paint – Do Not Touch!

This is the 3rd Weekly Brain Color Clue for Resolving Conflicts.This week’s focus will on the Green Brainers.   The symbol for the Green Brainers is a “Do Not Disiturb” sign. To avoid conflict with a Green Brainer respect and appreicate their need for privacy. 
When our Brain Color intensifies, compatibility can be problematic. Green Brainers are usually emotionally composed and require calmness in their life. The color Green in many cultures represents tranquility and often is used decoratively to reduce stress and create calmness. Green Brainer laid back personaity is the is the opposite of Yellow, is the most intense color of the color spectrum and the most intense personality to work with.

However, I think the following advice from my friend’s mother, who was a Yellow Brainer,   is intensely wise: “When you’re in the midst of conflict, tell yourself or others, I’m Wet Paint! I need time to dry!”

The following are Brain Color Clues to help you recognize when are Green Brainers are feeling like
“Wet Paint” and how you can help them resolve conflicts and build compatiblity quickly and easily! 

Green Brain Conflict Clues
1. Gives others the cold shoulder
2. Becomes sarcastic and critical
3. Shows indifference and insensitivity
4. Is uncooperative
5. Pouts

Green Brain Compatibility Clues
1. Utilizes knowledge
2. Satisfies curiosity
3. Is competent and precise
4. Follows a system or method
5. Promotes justice and fairness

What makes you feel like “Wet GreenPaint?”
How do you repond to a Green Brainers when they are “Wet Paint?”

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