Green Brain Teenagers

Monday began the third week of National Teen Self-Esteem Month, a month to celebrate our teenagers and help them healthfully enhance their self-esteem.

The Teenage Brain Color Clue for this week will focus on the Green Brainers.

When our son, Joshua, a Green Brainer, was a teenager he posted a sign over his bedroom door, which a proclaimed his “Teenage Mantra”…

“I you want to know anything, ask a teenager.”

As a review, below are the statistics from the Brain Color statistics from study I facilitated at the Fremd High School student psychology fair in Palatine, Illinois. The following percentages represent the 194 students who participated in the research project.

43% Orange Brainers: Is highly impulsive and action-oriented (% opposite  adults).

31% Blue Brainers: Has a high level of desire to please others and gain peer approval (% similar to adults).

15% Yellow Brainers: Sense of responsibility and accountability for the choices they make is unusually low (% opposite of adults).

11% Green Brainers: Level of logical reasoning about the consequences for their actions is extremely low.

Green Brainers are computer whizzes. Most Green Brainer, especially Teenager Green Brainers, want others (particularly their parents) to respect their privacy and not disturb them.

As Kermit the frog says…
“It’s not easy being Green.” 

Since, it may not be easy for
to live with a Green Brain
teenager, I encourage you
to use the What Color Is Your Brain? 
approach to help you deal with
the personal seclusion a
Green Brain teenager requires.
Do not be discouraged!
Some day your teenager will
probably come out of his or her 
room, carry on a logical conversation
with you and acknowledge
the fact that you might know
as much, if not more, than they do.

Happy Teenage Green Brainday!

Sheila Glazov ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator
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