Global Change

Today, I was speaking with my “Systematic Green Brain” web designer, Jeff Lewis owner of The Webs We Weave, Inc. We were discussing the bullet points on my website, and Jeff told me it would be more difficult to make individual changes and easier to make “global changes” for the color.

Of course, my “Blue Creative Brain” immediately popped a different perspective…

What a grand idea!

Can you imaging…making instant “Global Changes” with the click of your mouse.

Below are various definitions for “global”:
1. Having the shape of a globe; spherical.
2. Of, relating to, or involving the entire earth; worldwide: global war; global monetary policies.
3. Comprehensive; total: “a . . . global, generalized sense of loss”
4. Computer Science Of or relating to an entire program, document, or file.

Of course, my “Blue Harmonious Brain” would only want…
Worldwide “Kind, Happy, Cooperative, Communicative, Creative,
Helpful, Caring, Nurturing, Sensitive” Global Changes!

What Global Changes would you like to make?

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