Getting It Right Can Be Stressful!

“I’m so stressed because I want to get it right.”

That was a comment I heard from one of the staff members when I was facilitating a What Color Is Your Brain? program at the Taylorville Memorial Hospital.

Below is excerpt from my What Color Is Your Brain? book that will give you a more in-depth explanation of the Yellow Brainers.

The Yellow Brainers

The Yellow Brain section is the temporal lobe. There is a temporal lobe on both sides of the brain. Notice that the Yellow section contains a right angle.

Yellow Brainers need to be “right.” Rules are the foundation of a Yellow Brainer’s life. They are recognized as left brain-critical thinkers who provide structure and stability in their professional and personal lives. Their punctuation mark is a period because they make declarations: “I’m the mom, that’s why.”

Historically, ancient Romans and Egyptians saw yellow as the color of their sun gods. Yellow can be mentally stimulating and boost your alertness. Many religions connect yellow to a spiritual path of unity, glory, and a supreme being or deity. Yellow also can represent power and wisdom.

Yellow Brainers thrive on the responsibilities of leadership. They choose careers as CEOs, event planners, educators, bankers, business managers, and administrators and build their self-confidence with behavior that is “as good as gold.”

A traffic signal represents a Yellow Brainer’s “I like to be in control” attitude.

Please, leave a comment if you are a Yellow Brainer or why you know there are Yellow Brainers in your life!

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