Fresh Berries Solution: No Mold & Moisture

Do you find it frustrating to purchase a box of berries and the next day you open the container to sadly discover a science experiment: Inedible mushy berries weeping with moisture and covered with fuzzy green mold.

I do, because I love my scrumptious healthy berries!

During the summer, we can enjoy them from local farmers, pick them ourselves or purchase a box for a reasonable price. We can also purchase a container when berries are of season from other countries.  I can remember when “Summer” fruits and berries were a delicacy, which we anticipated with delight.

Now, my husband, Jordan and can enjoy a sampling of berries each morning. Today, as I was eating my luscious bowl of berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries), I thought that Jordan’s simple “Green Brain Berry Solution” to keeping a box of berries fresh without mold and moisture would make a “Helpful Blue Brain” post.

Fresh Berries Solution: No Mold & Moisture
1. Place one section of a paper towel in the top of the plastic container.
2. Flip the berries into the top .
3. Carefully lift and/or gather the overflow edges of the paper towel.*
4. Place berries back into the bottom of the container.
5. Fold the edges in to cover the contents. **
6. Seal the container.
7. Rinse berries in strainer before eating.

*The size and contents of the box will determine how you lift and fold the edges.
** Jordan’s folding resembles square or hospital corners when making a bed.

“It’s the Berries!”

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