Practice Winnie the Pooh’s Advice About Doing Nothing!

On Sunday,  I went to see the Christopher Robin film with one of our sons and his family. I loved every moment of the movie, including the characters, messages, production, and, of course, Winnie the Pooh’s quotes from the Winnie the Pooh books that were written by A. A. Milne.

Since, we all were relaxing and enjoying the movie Winnie’s quote: “Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.” was most appropriate. I loved doing nothing and taking a break from my something, which is my business memoir, No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense).

When I taught creativity classes at colleges and university and creativity program for clients, I always reminded my students and clients that they needed to take a break from their work and/or projects to relax all their Brain Colors to become more creative and productive.

One reason to keep a pad of paper and pen near your bedside when you go to sleep, is to write down the splendid ideas and solutions to problems that develop while your brain is resting. Studies have also shown that massaging your scalp and/or washing your hair also creates more blood flow to your brain, which helps you think more creatively. Have you ever noticed that some people scratch their head when they are trying to think of an answer to a question?

Below are examples of how each Brain Color personality enjoys doing nothing:

Yellow Brainers enjoy doing nothing when everything on their to-do-list-is completed.

Blue Brainers enjoy doing nothing when they spend time with family and/or friends.

Green Brainers enjoy doing nothing when they can be alone.

Orange Brainers enjoy doing nothing when they can be spontaneous!

Remember to practice Winnie’s advice: Doing nothing often leads to the very best kind of something.”


The No Bunk, Just BS (Business Sense) publication date is scheduled for September.

Watch for more information and updates! 


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