Fine Art Gifts For The Holidays by Kathleen Rickert Nelson

Today, I am excited to spotlight another Holiday Guest Blogger. I would like to introduce Kathleen Rickert Nelson, who is an amazingly talented Blue Brain fine artist, gracious woman, and thoughtful friend. Her artwork is a lovely gift for the holidays or for any memorable special occasion.

The allure of pen and ink renderings is timeless, uniquely capturing the essence of architecture and nature. Such is the classic artwork of Kathleen Rickert Nelson. Kathleen’s artistic gift is able to marry the past with the present. She strives to balance simplicity with elegance, to achieve the most beautiful and gracious look for each of her clients. Whether historic or sentimental, her of pen and ink renderings are treasured for a lifetime and beyond. From note cards to commissioned works of art. Kathleen’s nationally known artwork is truly one of a kind. She was commissioned to draw President Lincoln and Soldiers’ Home National Monument, Washington, DC. Also known as the Lincoln Cottage. You can read more about Kathleen and her fine art on her website.

Kathleen asked me to share the following information with you.

The Holiday Celebrations are fast approaching! Do you need a special gift for a special someone on your holiday shopping list? A gift that no one else has, because each one is individually made and not mass produced. These platters are works of art that can be displayed, and do not need to be put away until they are needed again.

Use the platters to prepare ingredients for dinner then clean by washing by hand and serve your favorite appetizer or dessert afterward. The platter serves multiple usages!

They make great gifts for Realtors’ Clients, Teachers, Friends, Family, Business Associates, Fundraisers, Weddings, Graduations, and Retirements or for yourself.

Historic Barrington Homes and Structures will also be available on these beautiful tempered glass cutting board/platters. I will be featuring the Barrington Train Station, The Kincaid House, The Jane Applebee Robinson School House, and The Jewel Tea Food Store.

A platter stand is also available and makes a great gift package. Please, hand wash your piece. The temperate glass platter is approximately (8″ x 12″) 7-3/4″ x 11-3/4″ and is not suitable for the dishwasher.

Also available this year will be note cards of four historic buildings as featured on this year’s platters. The featured ornaments for this year will be the The Barrington Train Station and The Kincaid House. They will also be available in 15 oz. mugs. The mugs are porcelain and can be safely used in the microwave and dishwasher.

Barrington Platters, Ornaments, and Mugs are available to order at The Barrington History Museum. If you have any questions, contact Kathleen Nelson at 847-462-1734.

Pricing Information:

• Glass Tempered Platters with platter stand will be $ 42.50 plus tax. They are also available without platter stand for $35.00 plus tax. Note that the platters are wrapped in bubble wrap. They are not boxed.

• Porcelain Ornaments each will be $ 18.00 plus tax.

• Porcelain 15 oz. Mugs will be $ 17.00 plus tax.

• Shipment out of local area will be additional.

For the up-and-coming holiday season, I will be offering packages of illustrations including the cutting board/platter, in color, as well as black and white. This piece can be used anywhere in the home as a moveable work of art, in the kitchen for cooking enthusiasts, as well as entertaining.

To inquire about a package that is perfect for you, contact Kathleen at:

The number of commissions available is limited, in order to be ready for the holiday entertaining and gift-giving season. All orders for Christmas Ornaments and Cutting Boards/Appetizer boards must be received by December 10th. to ensure delivery in time for the holidays. All artwork is copyrighted 2012 by Kathleen Rickert Nelson, artist.

Kathleen’s Website

Kathleen’s Email:

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Kathleen, thank you for being a Holiday Guest Blogger and offering me the privilege of sharing your remarkable fine art and gifts!

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