Father Asks Sons To Write One Word That Describes Living With Diabetes

In my post on February 12th about the South New Jersey JDRF Chapter’s “Living With Type One Diabetes” Educational Symposium, I included a picture of 3 boys with Living with diabetes is no easy feat! written on their feet.

I was surprised and delighted when I received a Facebook message from Scott Kasper, who is the President of the South New Jersey JDRF Chapter and the photographer who took the remarkable photo.

Last Saturday, when Scott called me and he told me all the details about taking  the picture of his three sons, of which two have Type 1 Diabetes. I told Scott that I was emotionally impacted by the photo and wanted to use the picture in my PowerPoint presentation for the Symposium. Scott responded by graciously offering to send me a set of photo he had taken with better resolution.

Three of the photos he sent me were equally and emotionally powerful as the “feat photo”.  Scott had asked each of his sons to write one word about living with diabetes. When they finished, Scott wrote each boy’s word on the palm of each boy’s hand. Then took the riveting photos of each boy, that appears in this blog post.

I also added Scott’s “one word that describes living with diabetes” question to my interactive group break out session, that I will be facilitating after my What Color Is Your Brain? While Living with Type One Diabetes keynote presentation.

During our conversation, Scott and I exchanged more stories about our sons having diabetes and how living with diabetes impacts each family member. Scott also told me that he is an avid cyclist, who with his group, will be representing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s South Jersey chapter, when the cyclists travel to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and Tucson, Arizona, in the fall, for the “Ride for A Cure” charity rides hosted by the national JDRF organization.

I am looking forward to meeting Scott at the Educational Symposium on Saturday and thanking him, in person, for his Orange Brain generosity.

Please do not forget to tell your family members and friends about the South New Jersey JDRF Chapter’s “Living With Type One Diabetes” Educational Symposium this Saturday, February 22nd from  8:00am – 2:30pm at the Enterprise Center at BBC, 3331 Route 38 in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. You can refer back to the link above more more information about the Symposium.

If want more Yellow Brain Detail, have any questions about the symposium, would like to attend, or know someone who would benefit from the symposium, please contact Barbara Garrison at BGarrison@jdrf.org or call Barb at 856-429-1101.

JDRF New_Logo- editedAs most of my readers know, my Blue Brain and Heart are passionately dedicated to finding a cure for diabetes for our son Joshua, who has had T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) for 28 years, and the other millions of adults and children around the world who are challenged every hour of every day by this insidious disease. Diabetes assaults a child’s or adult’s body from their top of their heads, to the ends of their fingers, and to the tips of their toes.  No one ever gets a break from having to manage his or her diabetes. Diabetes has become a rampant epidemic that knows no boundaries.

As the boys’ hands revealed: Living with diabetes is difficult, you must be brave, and remember that some family members may feel invisible because of the never-ending diabetes management care for the family member or members who have diabetes. 

Your Green Brain can learn more about our family’s diabetes connection on my website and read more information about diabetes on the JDRF website.

I also looking forward to autographing copies of What Color Is Your Brain? and Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift at the symposium. I will also offering a 20% discount off the purchase price of my books to symposium attendees. 10% of the royalties from the sale of all my books will be allocated to the South Jersey chapter of JDRF.

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  1. Laurie Buchanan on February 18, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    I appreciate YOU and the wonderful information you provide. Thank you!

  2. sheila on February 26, 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Thank you, Laurie. Sorry, it took me so long to reply. My Green Brain was focus on developing my 2 programs.The symposium was remarkable. The staff and attendees were amazing. I have not spoke to a group of people who live with diabetes, in a very long time. My BLUE HEART AND BRAIN WERE BURSTING with emotion, on so many levels. I am planning on posting about the symposium tomorrow.

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