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Carve-Up The Turkey, Not Your Relatives! Says Author Sheila Glazov

 Knowing Your Family Members’ and Friends’ Brain Colors Can Bring Harmony to the Holiday Table…and the New Year

 CHICAGO (December 8, 2011) — Sheila N. Glazov, award-winning author of the popular self-help book What Color Is Your Brain?®, offers insight and advice for family harmony during the hectic holidays in a fun and engaging way with brand-new paperback reprints of her two books.

“At some holiday dinners, the tension is so thick you hesitate to use knives to eat,” says Glazov. “Despite a lifetime of familiarity and love, we often don’t understand each other at all which causes conflict and stress. By understanding the Brain Colors concept, you can appreciate and enjoy your relative’s differences rather than grimly tolerate them.

Brain Colors provides an “Aha!” moment of insight that can make all the difference as to how we perceive that other person. When I give corporate presentations on Brain Colors to help with team building and stronger workplace environments, the first thing most of my participants do is apply it to their family situations. Work is important; family is where our hearts are.”

The short chapters of What Color Is Your Brain? are easy to read and chockfull of helpful and fun facts that make people’s complex personalities less confusing and simple to understand. The book focuses on the positive aspects of each personality type such that readers can best appreciate each for their strengths and then defuse the conflicts often arise among different Brain Colors. For example:

  • Yellow Brainers are responsible, punctual, and must organize a detailed shopping list, budget, and traditional holiday celebrations.
    • Blue Brainers are creative, compassionate, and stress out if no one offers to help them with the holiday shopping, decorating or cleaning up.
    • Green Brainers are logical, private, and often have a “Hum-bug” attitude at family gatherings because of the chaotic pace during holiday season.
      • Orange Brainers are, generous, fun loving and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm and child-like attitude about holiday celebrations with gift giving for everyone!


Her recently updated and re-released children’s book Princess Shayna’s Visible Invisible Gift is a response to parents’ desire to relate to their children what they had learned about Brain Colors. The book helps children understand and apply the Brain Color concepts through an engaging fairytale. It is meant to be read with a parent or teacher and discussed. Much like a book club guide, the “Gift Giver’s Guide” for each chapter helps parents and teachers initiate discussions with their children.

An internationally acclaimed personality and Brain Color expert who has appeared on many TV and radio shows as well as in print, Sheila’s lively personality and warm approach helps audiences grasp her concepts and immediately start applying them in their lives for better relationship harmony. She likes to give away copies of both books and loves to interact with her hosts and audiences about their particular situations.

Now in its ninth printing, What Color Is Your Brain?  includes a new Brain Color quiz at the front of the book. It is available in paperback on Amazon or at the author’s website: for $16.95.  Princess Shayna’s Visible Invisible Gift is an illustrated large-size paperback available on Amazon for $18.95 or on the author’s website. More information on both books including pictures and a biography of Glazov can be found here:

Go to (login=princess, password=shayna) for more information on Glazov plus her bio, book photos and logos.

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About Sheila Glazov

Sheila N. Glazov is an internationally known personality expert, award-winning author, engaging professional speaker and passionate educator.

Sheila’s live events and books help people who are desperately seeking harmony in their lives. Knowing their Brain Colors helps them defuse the conflict in their workplaces and homes.

Sheila has appeared on CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, LIFETIME and WGN TV. She has been interviewed on radio stations throughout the United States and in Brazil, as well as online. She was featured in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Daily Herald and PRAVDA newspapers, iG (largest Brazilian internet portal), Happy Women (Portuguese magazine), Selling Power, HR, Women’s World, Chicago Parent, Seventeen and Enterprising Women magazines, and the Discover Card and Quill Corporation national customer newsletters. In 1997, Today's Chicago Woman newspaper selected Sheila as one of "100 Women Making A Difference."

Sheila earned her Bachelor of Science degree in education from the Ohio State University, a degree in Creative Leadership from Disney University, and graduated from the Creative Problem Solving Institute and the McNellis Creative Planning Institute. She has taught third grade and High School ESL. Sheila has been an adjunct faculty member of William Rainey Harper College and a guest instructor at DePaul, Penn State, and Northwood Universities.

The mother of a child with diabetes, Sheila allocates 10% of the royalties from the sale of her books to several diabetes research, education and treatment nonprofit organizations.

Princess Shayna

Category:  Children’s
On Sale: October 2011
Pages: 136 pp softcover
Price: $18.95
ISBN #: 978-1-61711-035-1
Publisher: SLACK Books
What Color is Your Brain?®
Category: Self-help
On Sale: October 2011
Pages: 176 pp softcover
Price: $16.95
ISBN#: 978-1-55642-807-4
Publisher: SLACK Books


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