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July is Family Reunion Month, according to Chase’s Calendar of Events. Many families incorporate family reunions into their vacations. That mixture can be harmonious or hazardous. For the next four Mondays I will post Brain Color Clues to help you create more harmony, and avoid the hazards of visiting family members, at home or on the road.

Yellow Brainers arrange for well-planned vacations and reunions. If they do not want to hire a guide or participate in a tour, they will do their homework ahead of time, plan the entire trip or reunion, and become the tour guide or party planner.

An ideal Yellow Brainer family vacation/reunion is scheduled each year at the same time and the same place, such as a summer cottage or resort. Suitcases are prepared in advance. They also enjoy all-inclusive destinations that have planned activities for the children, as well as for themselves. If it is a driving trip, they have checked with AAA and purchased every map they will need for route A and alternative route B. They know the location of, and have a schedule for, every rest, fuel, or food stop and point of interest.

Yellow Brain Family Clues:
WITH OTHERS: I  inform them of “my” rules
I NEED: Schedules
WHEN I’M UPSET: I worry and give guilt trips
I RELAX: Only if everything is finished

When asking someone to finish their chores around the house, to be on time for a reunion event, or pack their suitcase for a vacation, say, “I’d like you to be Yellow…”

Happy Travels!

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