Fairy Tales Can Teach You How to Get Along with Other People!

For centuries, all over the world, children have grown up listening to or reading fairy tales. These magical, engaging, and imaginary tales teach children and adults meaningful, relevant, and significant life lessons, which help them develop their self-image and how relate to other people, be honest, kind, strong, smart, and understanding of individuals who are not like they are.

Today, the world seems to be turned upside down and spinning out of control as we watch, listen, or read the news. This morning, while reading the news paper, I decided to share the some of the valuable messages from my family fairy tale, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

When the princess is contemplating her Vision Quest she tells her parents the following observation, which might sound familiar and resonate with you: 

“I have observed surprising changes and behaviors in the villagers whenever a villager arrives in the Royal Castle from the different villages or distant land. At first, the new arrival feels uncomfortable, cautious, and suspicious of the other villagers’ differences, how they talk,eat, dance, play, sing, and make decisions.”

“I believe it is a reflection of their attitude toward themselves and others. If the new arrival is a person from their own village, they are immediately comfortable and open minded with that villager. If they are not from the same village, it takes a longer time for the other villagers to trust each other and enjoy learning and working together. The villagers eventually learn to rejoice in their differences and respect one another. They are unhappy when they must return to their own villages. They know the walls that have been built around their villages will keep them from learning, playing, and sharing ideas with each other as they did in the Royal Castle.”

After Princess Shayna successfully returns from her Vision Quest, the villagers of the Kingdom of Kindness had learned to honor and respect one another and the different villages they lived in. From that time forward, the villagers also learned life long lessons from the remarkable and memorable stories the Village Elders from the Village of the Yellow Sunflowers, the Village of the Blue For-Get- Me Nots, the Village of the Green Healing Herbs, and the Village of the Orange Tiger Lilies continued to share about their villages and their traditions.

I hope that this blog post has been a  reminder about the valuable life lessons of  getting along with others and teaching the children and adults in your life how to create more kindness and understanding toward other people who are different than they are.  

Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, is a fairy tale to teach children and adults how to enhance and strengthen their self-esteem, understand and respect themselves and others who are different than they are, enhance their creative problem solving skills and build positive and nurturing communities within their homes, schools and neighborhoods. A portion of  the book’s royalties is  donated to Diabetes research and education.


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