Extraordinary Customer Service and Satisfaction from Amazon’s Author Central!

WOW! It’s happened again! Yesterday, I experienced Extraordinary Customer Service and Satisfaction from Amazon Central!! I am writing this long post (saga) for my readers, fellow authors, the Author Central staff members, and for Jeff Bezos and his staff, who  supposedly read emails that are sent to them. I will be sending another email to Mr. Bezos, which includes a link to this post.

Previously, I have written posts about the Author Central extolling the excellent customer service I have received, which is unusual in today’s business world. For those of you who are authors and/or readers and do not know about Author Central, let me tell you about an organization of individuals who are dedicated to helping authors market their books and solve any issues about their books. You can learn more on the Amazon Author Central site.

My connection to Author Central began several years when I called about an issue I was having with the 2nd edition of  Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.  I was fortunate to connect with a Sam B. on my  first call to Author Central. Sam has been my “go to” person ever since. In fact, his colleagues know that when I call, I am calling for Sam because his Green Brain knows all about each of my books that are published and about to be published, how my Blue Brain Personality conducts my business, and my Yellow Brain commitment to donate royalties to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). We also joke, that his notes about me read like the great American novel.

Sam, as well as my family and friends know that I am a “terrier”. No, not a small dog breed originally used for turning out burrowing animals from their lairs, but the simile to emphasize my Orange Brain Tenacity!  Like a terrier, I holds on to whatever I am after and do not let go until I have accomplished my goals, within a Green Brain Reasonable time and/or effort.

I also consider Sam a fellow terrier. He has diligently worked with his colleagues to find solutions for Princess Shayna, which has remained in stock.

However, to my surprise and dismay, last April I had to called Sam and tell him that suddenly my What Color Is Your Brain? book site posted that my book would not be available for 2-5 weeks. For 7 years the book was always in stock and I was very distress about this new problem for readers who wanted to purchase my book. Of course, Sam began to look into ways to contact other Amazon departments to help him solve the problem. The problem persisted and the availability dates changed to 1-3 week, 2-3 weeks, and 2-4 weeks and Sam continued to find a solutions and sent me email updates to let me know he had not forgotten about me.

A few weeks ago, Sam called and told me he was going to meet with his supervisor, Suzanne N. to discuss the problem. After that meeting, I heard from Sam and Ron H., another supervisor, who told me they all were working on a solution. In the mean time, Sam continued to send me updates.

Last Friday, August 29th, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a call from Lakshmi G. who works in an Amazon Vendor Services department. Lakshmi had sent me an meeting invite for phone conference, on Tuesday, September 2nd, with she and her colleague Tim D. to discuss the ongoing problem of not having my books in stock and immediately available. She also gave me her phone number!

On Tuesday, Lakshmi and Tim promptly called me at 12:30pm. We discussed the problems and they offered me the explanation I was expecting: Amazon always purchases books for the lowest price to pass the savings on to their customers. However, after listening to my concerns, Tim told me he would contact the vendor to find a solution to keep my books in stock, since they could not switch back to the original vendor, who always supplied the books on time, but did not give Amazon a deeper discount on my books.

After our phone call, I sent Lakshmi and Tim a “Thank you” message for their time and assistance. Tim replied:  “I ordered up on your title to prevent future out of stock issues”.  I was impressed that he and Lakshmi really LISTENED to my concerns when I told them, “We ALL are losing money when my clients and program attendees cannot purchase the book after my workshops and that JDRF is not receiving money if books are not sold.”  I was pleased that Tim kept his word and “ordered up” more books.

I also told Lakshmi and Tim that other book stores in airports and transportation centers were having problems keeping my books in stock. Tim sent another email that read, “I did contact the book distributor and he made me aware that they have issues keeping your title in stock and they are currently working to address that issue.”

On Tuesday, we were completely focused on the original What Color Is Your Brain? and I forgot to mention another issue with my new book, What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients (February 2015). I sent Lakshim an email explaining that the new book for Health Care Professionals was  listed on Amazon for $79.75 instead of  $22.95  before Amazon’s discount. On Wednesday, Lakshim sent an email letting me know: “I reached out to a few people and we have taken care of the issue on our side. I see the list price has been updated.”

It’s been a long saga, but I wanted to include all the Yellow Details and Proper Acknowledgements for all the individuals who offered me Extraordinary Customer Service and Satisfaction!

Again, my Orange Tenacious Terrier Personality resolved my problems by using my Blue Collaborative and Communicative Brain Attributes and Abilities.

I trust this story will encourage you to not be  discouraged when you think you cannot solve a problem, especially with a large corporate company. Remember, that company employees many Dependable, Thoughtful, Intelligent, and Resourceful  individuals who will do their best to offer you Extraordinary Customer Service and Satisfaction!

“Thank you!”  Sam B. Suzanne N., Ron H, Lakshim G. Tim D.,  Kaylee K. and Author Central!

P.S. I was about to add the Amazon link for What Color Is Your Brain? and was shocked when I saw that the shipment time reads to 1-3 weeks, again. I am happy Lakshim gave me her phone number. I just called her and left a message about the problem. I am confident Lakshim and Tim will promptly rectify the problem.

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