Exhausting & Encouraging Personality Type

A friend of mine and I were discussing the attributes of the “Blue Brain” individuals.

We both agreed that we appreciate the Blue Brainers’ encouraging, affectionate, creative and flexible attributes.

However, we agreed that the kind and lovely “Blue Brainers” can be exhausting to themselves and others.

Why? They share “TMI” Too Much Information, wear their hearts on their sleeves and continually create drama in their lives.

We both thought it would be healthier and less exhausting for the Blue Brain individuals to:
1. Be more aware of their “TMI” conversations.

2. Ask the people they interact with on a daily basis to encourage “Green Selective” behavior, which does not include all the details of their life.

3. Make a “Yellow Disciplined” effort to control their emotions.

It take effort and discipline! But I can assure you, from my “Blue Brain” perspective, that life is much easier when you become more Green and selective!

Good Luck, Blue Brainers!

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