Exciting What Color Is Your Brain? Workshops in Brazil!

In November of 2011, I received a delightful email from Ayrton Silva, PMP who is project manager in Brazil.

Ayrton had purchased the Brazilian Portuguese edition of What Color Is Your Brain?® and was using my book to teach project management students, real estate sales people, and other professionals in various cities in Brazil.

Since that time, Aryton and some of his colleagues have also continued using my book for their professional development workshops.

Last week, I received a grand Facebook post from Renata Benisterro Hernandes and the attendees at her What Color Is Your Brain?® workshop.

My Blue Brain loved reading Renata’s Facebook post: “Workshop the color of your brain and interpersonal relationships.
Sheila Glazov once again her art made many people have fun and understand more about themselves and others.
Blue, yellow, green and orange brains, focus on powers, preferences, values and differences of personality.
Team Senac Marília, beautiful the energy of you!”

You can read all the insightful and thoughtful comments from the workshop attendees on Renata’s Facebook Page, just scroll down to her September 21st post. Then you click on the translations to learn how the Brain Colors have impacted their lives!









 What Color Is Your Brain?® programs and concepts transcend language barriers and bring people together in a united “Brainbow” of their Brain Color Personalities!

Stay tuned for future announcements about Aryton’s Yellow Brain and my Blue Brain collaboration on a new What Color Is Your Brain?® book!

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