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This morning, I took a break from writing the “Readers’ Guide” for Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and enjoyed an hour long live radio interview with Lisa Hein.

Lisa is the host of Everyday Parenting. She also is a speaker & parenting author of I’m Doing The Best I Can! and Magazine & News Contributing Writer.

I appreciated Lisa’s skillfulness and professionalism. Her “Yellow Brain” was well prepared. She read the complimentary copy of What Color Is Your Brain? and the list of “Green Brain Interview Questions” I sent her a few weeks ago.

In an email I sent her last week, I asked Lisa, “Are there any specific areas you would like focus on?” and she wrote an “Orange Brain Response” was
“Let’s punt!”

My “Blue Brain” was delighted to read her note after our interview:

“Thank you so much for a wonderful interview. You made it so easy and it was amazing!  You made my tummy get butterflies, because, even though I’m intense at times, I really love that warm and fussy touch that is all mine for the taking!  I love everything about you and what it is you do.  Thanks for sharing it with us.
Your show will air on April 19th at 10:00 am EST on RadioEarNetwork.”
Below is more information about Lisa, her book and radio show. Her contact information is at the bottom of this post, if you would like to contact her directly. I admire Lisa’s passion and respect her commitment to helping others. Lisa and I are definitely are on the same page about helping children and parents!

Lisa’s book, I’m Doing The Best I Can! The won’t always be cute and adorable, was created from her journey through parenting a teenager while trying to carry on with her own life. Lisa says, “Parenting can be pretty difficult at times and if we are not mentally healthy and prepared for the unexpected turns in the road, we might find ourselves feeling frustrated.”

Lisa shares her experience and inspires her audiences by challenging and motivating them to be ‘simply amazing’ within themselves first. Raising children can be fulfilling!

During her journey, Lisa was offered a position as a talk show host. Her show, Everyday Parenting can be heard on RadioEarNetwork. With over 37,000 listeners, from all around the world, Lisa is honored to present some of the most intriguing experts to her listening audience. When her schedule allows, she is a contributing writer to several on-line and paper magazines.

For more information about Lisa,
please visit her website or contact her @ 727.434.0155

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