Email Marketing and Brain Surgery

You might be wondering about the strange blog title. I promise it will make sense to you by the end of this post.

In December, I decided I was going expand my “Green Brain Technology Skills” and begin an email marketing campaign. Go Daddy hosts this blog and also provides an Express Email Marketing program. I like their 24/7 and helpful customer service so it was easy decision. What wasn’t so easy was their program.

My husband often describes me as a “terrier.” Jericho, our first family dog was a Bedlington Terrier.We quickly learned that terriers are stubborn, known for their determination to hold to anything they clench in their jaws and have a
I will not not giving up!” personality.

After copious frustrating phone calls, having my Grandchildren’s baby sitter import all my email addresses into and an Excel spreadsheet, and creating several versions of my email newsletter; I did something that does not come naturally to me…

I gave up!

I decide to use the Constant Contact Email Marketing program until Go Daddy’s program was revised. I am a very “Yellow Brain Loyal Customer.”

In the mean time, Go-Daddy asked me to share creative problem solving suggestions as a focus group participant. They were very generous and offered me a $50.00 Gift Certificate of my choice for my time.
In February, I published my first Brain Buzz Newsletter. The responses to my publication were complimentary and positive. In March, I called my contact at Go-Daddy to see if the revised program was complete, as he had said it would be.

I discovered that it was not available yet. As of two weeks ago, Go Daddy did not know when it would be, but they did know that it would not import my Microsoft Outlook emails. My “Green Brain Logic” convinced my “Yellow Brain Loyalty” that I was not utilizing my time effectively, nor was I using good business sense, by not to making a commitment to continue utilizing Constant Contact’s Email Marketing program.

I had to give up, again!

Last week, I called Constant Contact about having my web designer, Rosario Carrillo, insert the code for the
Sign-Up ” button for my Brain Color Tips and Brain Buzz Newsletter; plus a Bonus: Brain Color % for Adults and Children on my home page. Working with the precise Constant Contact web directions and knowledgeable customer service representatives made the process quick and easy.

Here’s my analogy:
If I was experiencing a health issue that effected my brain, I would go to a brain surgeon if it needed to be removed.
I realized that I had should have gone to the brain surgeon first, not the general surgeon.
Go-Daddy, the general surgeon, offers many procedures.
Constant Contact is the brain surgeon and their only procedure is Email Marketing!

My “give up” lesson resonated with me and I trust it will with you too! 

When make future business or personal decisions,
I will go to…

The Brain Surgeon!

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