Easy Solution to Your Problems: Don’t Get Stuck Standing on Your Brain Color Personality Corner

A Green Brain client of mine was having a extremely difficult time with his colleagues and asked me for my advice.  I reminded him of the “4 Different Brain Color Corner Solution,” to help him resolve his problem.

This solution is simple! Just imagine yourself at an street intersection. Your Brain Color Personality is standing on one corner and the other person or people, you are having difficulty with, are standing on their own Brain Color Personality corner. Of course, your perspective is different from their perspective because of where each of you is standing.

My Green Brain client was standing on his corner and disgruntled by his perspective of his colleagues’ lack of competency and logic.
His Yellow Brain colleague was standing on her corner where she felt she was absolutely correct and responsible about the details and goals of the project.
The Blue Brain colleague was standing on his corner where his feelings were hurt because the the team members were not listening to and acknowledging his ideas.
The Orange Brain colleague was standing on his corner becoming impatient because he did not care about the details or deadlines. He was only interested in the result.

I also reminded my client, that not only did each person thinks their perspective was appropriate, they were also caring their knowledge, experiences, and backstory in the back packs, they are wearing, which that other team members were not be aware of.

We all get stuck feeling comfortable standing on our own Brain Color Personality Corner. Change is not easy for any one. However, to find a solution to a problem it is essential for each individual to recognize, understand, and appreciate the other person’s Brain Color Personality and Perspectives, which is influenced his or her behavior, thoughts, feelings, and the backstory in his or her backpack.

To create solution to a problem, you do no have to agree with the other people or person, but it is most beneficial to develop an awareness of their Brain Color Personality and Perspective from their Brain Color Corner!

My client took my advice and gave his colleagues the opportunity to explain their Brain Color Personality and Perspective from their Brain Color Corner! They solved their problem and were able to work more collaboratively to complete their project successfully.

Next time you need to solve a problem, don’t get stuck on your Brain Color Personality Corner! Remember to utilize the easy “4 Different Brain Color Corner Solution!”

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