Early Childhood Learning Center – Brain Color Team Building Programs – Day #1

My normal Yellow Brain blog posting schedule is Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Today and Thursday I will be presenting a What Color Is Your Brain? Team building Program for the staff members at the Gertrude B. Nielson Child Care and Learning Center.

The staff of 50 on each day, will be learning how to recognize and appreciate their own and each others’ Brain Color strengths and idiosyncrasies to build a stronger team to enhance their collaboration and communication. Their handout will consist of information about their Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange Brain Color personality characteristics, which include:
1. Their attitude
2. What they value
3. How they behave with team mates
4. Their communication style
5. What causes them stress
6. How they deal with change

After the staff members learn all the basic Brain Color information they will divide into Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange Brain Color Groups to discuss and write down, according to their Brain Colors, 3 Positive and 3 Negative adjectives they would use to describe their own Brain Color and each of the other 3 Brain Colors. My post-program Yellow responsibility will be to collate all their Brain Color answers into one document and then send it back to the staff to use a resource to reinforce the Brain Color team knowledge and skills they learned in their programs.

Previously, I have had the pleasure of teaching Leadership, Teachers and Parents programs at Gertrude B. Nielson Child Care and Learning Center. Now, I am looking forward to working with the director, Lana Weiner and her remarkable staff to help them strengthen the team work between the old and new staff members.

Today, there were 22 staff members in the program. During the Brain Color Group Activity:
6 Yellow Brainers completed a very organized chart, but had difficult time finding adjectives for their opposite… the  Orange Brainers.

9 Blue Brainers worked together to complete their task on time because most of them had Yellow as their second numerical ranking or Blending Brain Color.

4 Green Brainers all had the same exact Brain Color numerical ranking and were proud of their complete agreement about their responses.

3 Orange Brainers had fun completing the assignment about themselves, but had to be reminded to complete the other Brain Colors.

All the Brain Color groups were true to form for their Brain Colors. The Brain Color make up the staff was not surprising because they work with children ages infant through kindergarten.

More Brain Color information tomorrow after the second day program.

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  1. Laurie Buchanan on October 23, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Your work is inspiring – THANK YOU for all that you do!

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