Don’t dread summer vacations and visitors; they can be harmonious, instead of horrific!

Do you think of your vacation as torturous because you are spending time with the horrific cast members of a soap opera? Or is your vacation as beautiful and relaxed as the people and setting on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine?

Either way, your vacation and/or visitors do not have to be dreadful. They can be harmonious and an unforgettable opportunity to examine your Brain Color personalty and relationships.

Yellow Brainers arrange for well-planned vacations.They do their homework ahead of time and their suitcases are prepared in advance. Their family vacations are scheduled each year at the same time and the same place, such as a summer cottage or resort. On a driving trip they know the location of, and have a schedule for, every rest, fuel, or food stop and point of interest.

Blue Brainers love reunions with family members, close friends, classmates, and neighbors, as well as nature trips. Vacations are opportunities to share time with everyone they love. They enjoy helping everyone get all their belongings ready. On a driving trip, they like to stop along the way to spend time with loved ones and scenic spots where they can capture their memories on a their camera.

Green Brainers prefer to travel on their own or with a small group of individuals who share the same interests. They enjoy investigatory or educational tours of significant historic events, museums, and ruins of ancient civilizations or locations where they can acquire work-related information. They have a system for packing their suitcases and  researching their destinations.

Orange Brainers love spontaneity and variety for their vacations. They find unfamiliar or exotic places and meeting new people exciting. Sporting trips such as helicopter skiing, crewing on a sailboat, whitewater rafting, or going on an African safari are at the top of their list. Their packing is done at the last minute. “No need to worry, you can always buy what you need” is their attitude.

Yellow Brain Visitors arrive on time and keep your guest room neat and clean. If they are visiting with their children, they will make sure their children behave.

Blue Brain Visitors will always ask, “How they can help you?” or they will quietly pitch in. They love staying up late telling stories, and enjoy relaxing and spending time with you.

Green Brain Visitors will respect your privacy and  do not need to be entertained. However, they do  like visiting interesting sites with you or by themselves.

Orange Brain Visitors do not show up when they say they will and make you feel like a tornado zoomed through your home. They always are eager to join in the fun inside or outside your home.

Enjoy all your Brainbow Vacations and Visitors!  

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