Does Your Personality Change with the Weather?

My Brain Color Personality definitely changes with the weather!

Now, that we are having an early Spring, my Yellow Winter Brain that wanted checked everything off my To-Do List during the cold weather has quickly changed with the warm and sunny weather.

My Blue Garden’s Brain has taken over my personality. I want to be outside enjoying the sunshine and tending to my perennial gardens, trees and shrubs.

Even our Star Magnolia has changed her personality. She usually wears a dress of pure white blossoms that have a lightly fragrant aroma.

This year she is bedecked in pink blush blossoms that have a strong sweet aroma, similar to a gardenia.

Its seems that I will have to use my Green Brain to remain calm and composted and not forsake my Yellow Responsibilities for some Playful Orange Hands-on Fun during our lovely balmy Spring weather!

Do you or your garden change personalities when the weather changes?

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