Does Your Computer Have “Good Karma” & Excellent Technical Support?

My computer has “Good Karma” and excellent technical support because I have a contract with iYogi. I have been using iYogi’s services for many years and just renewed my service contract for another 2 years. Whenever I have a problem with my computer, I immediately call iYogi and they quickly diagnose the problem and repair my computer to “maximize productivity”, as they advertise.

On Monday, I lost the entire What Color Is Your Brain?® book file from my document files. It was a scary magic trick gone bad. I searched everywhere for the file. Because  Comcast is our Internet and phone provider and they provided us with Norton software, I called them to decode my back up files. However, they wanted to sell me technical services. “No Thank You!” was my reply.

My next call was to iYoga. I  was quickly connected to lovely woman named Akanksha, who was  quintessential technician! She was knowledgeable, polite, helpful, and patient! Akansha also was an excellent communicator and explained everything she was doing and what need to be done. Within a 40 minutes my WCIYB book files were restored and my computer was repaired!!

This morning, my keyboard was not working correctly. I knew that the reasonable answer… I had plugged my computer into the AV system at the Ela Library for my What Color Is Your “Parenting” Brain? Program, last night. Again, I called iYogi, my “Computer/Business Life Saver” and received reliable customer service and rapid results.

Twice in one week, I appreciated the excellent  Brain Color  iYogi’s technical support:

The Yellow Brain prompt and polite service.

The Blue Brain  flexible option to speak or chat with a technician.

The Green Brain technicians’ knowledge and efficiency to solve my problem(s).

The Orange Brain  the technical support resource,  I can contact immediately and quickly have my issues resolved.

With every call, my Blue Brain looks forward to the thoughtful salutation after the technician and I each exchange a “Thank you” to one another. Then technician closes our conversation by saying “Good Karma“!

“Kudos to iYogi, their superb customer service and  Good Karma!

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