Do you think there are Bad Brain Color Personalities?

People often ask me, “Are there Bad Brain Color Personalities?”

It happened again, a few weeks ago, when I received an Green Brain curious email through my website from a young man who had taken my Brain Color Quizzes. He wanted to know if it was bad to be any of the Brain Color Personalities and if one is better than another.

I replied to his email and told him that none of the Brain Colors are bad, unless a person uses their personality to be  abusive toward another person. Sometimes an individual might feel as if their Brain Color is “Shadowed”  and out of self-esteem, or they might feel like “Wet Paint” and to not want anyone to disturb them. All the Brain Colors have their own distinct attributes and abilities. One Brain Color is NOT better than another. You just use your Brain color attributes and abilities for different situations.

I also asked the Green Brain inquisitive student how he learned about me. He replied that he learned about my website through a Google search because he was working on a project for his middle school wellness class. His class needed to contact several experts and write about how to improve the category they scored lowest one. He came across my quiz and decided to do some research on me.  He wanted to know how to make decisions under stress, so I sent him the following:

Yellow Brain effective decision making under stress: creating a detailed plan

Blue Brain effective decision making under stress:go with their intuition

Green Brain effective decision making under stress: calculate risks/downside

Orange Brain effective decision making under stress: ignore fear

Do you have a question about the Brain Color personalities? Send me your question and I will be happy to reply with an answer.


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