Do You Think Children’s Stories Are Stupid And Illogical?

This morning, before our Blue Brain Relaxing Yoga class began, a few of the women were chatting with one another. One of the  women, who I suspected was a Green Brainer, confirmed my suspicion with her comment about a children’s book and a fairy tale.

She told us, “I hated Charlotte’s web and thought a story about farm animals and a spider was stupid!”

My Blue Brain could never imagine anyone hating the Caldecott Award Winning children’s classic, Charlotte’s Web. Then she said, “I was only six year old and I thought  Alice in Wonderland was stupid. I knew how big a rabbit hole was a a girl could not fit into a opening that size. I was very logical at a young age!”

“No kidding”, I said to myself.

As the author of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, which is a “family fairy tale and children’s chapter book, I know that reading a children’s book is a form of  bibliotherapy. Bibliotherapy is the effective use of a story to teach life’s lessons and help children deal with problems through examples of characters who the reader and/or listener can relate.

Children also feel their problems are less threatening and learn how to handle difficulties when they realize that other children and adults encounter similar problems. Stories, especially fairy tales that speak to the heart and spirit of the child within all of us, are invaluable tools to help a child deal with life’s triumphs and tragedies.

If you are wondering if children’s Brain Colors develop at an early age, the answer is YES! 

My Brain Color research shows that preschool children, ages 3-5 years old, who have fairy tales, picture, and story books read to them, are:
Yellow Brainers: 5%
Blue Brainers: 10%
Green Brainers: 5%
Orange Brainers: 80%

Children who are  6-11 year old and  in Primary Grades in Elementary School, who enjoy reading or having fairy tales, picture and story books read to them, are:
Yellow Brainers: 10%
Blue Brainers: 13%
Green Brainers:5%
Orange Brainers: 72%

The majority of children are Fun-loving Orange Brainers and minority are logical Green Brainers!

When you were a child, did you think children’s stories were stupid and illogical?

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