Do You Have Muscle and Brain Color Personality Amnesia?

Muscle Amnesia“. My yoga instructor used this term in class yesterday morning. I was fascinate by the term for our muscles forgetting how to remain in a healthy state of well-being.

We all know our Brain is a muscle and must be exercised to remain healthy. However, with a diminished quality of movement and sensation and increase in tension or stress the muscles in our bodies including our brain may suffer from amnesia.

This got me thinking about Brain Color Amnesia, which would be a term for our Brain Color Personalities forgetting how to remain in a healthy and comfortable state of well being.

Let’s explore what Brain Color Amnesia  behavior would look like and why it happens:

Yellow Brain Color Personality Amnesia causes Yellow Brainers to worry about what will happen, rigid behavior,  and need to be in control, when they feel unstable and disorganized

Blue Brain Color Personality Amnesia causes Blue Brainers to feel helpless and react emotionally without thinking about the issues, when they feel other people are not being truthful or thoughtful.

Green Brain Color Personality Amnesia causes Green Brainers to become uncooperative and not able make a healthy decisions, when they do not have time to process their ideas.

Orange Brain Color Personality Amnesia causes Orange Brainers to physically and emotionally explode with emotion and break the rules, when they feel their freedom is being taken away and they must obey someone else’s rules.

How do you behave when your Brain Color Personality has Muscle Amnesia?

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