Do You Complain, Do Nothing, or Take Action to Stop Bad Customer Service?

bad customer service for author from amazonMy What Color Is Your Brain book is out temporarily of stock on Amazon, AGAIN!  My Orange Brain is delighted that my original book is selling so well. However, I am disturbed and disappointed that Amazon continues to not have a Yellow Brain Plan that makes sure enough books are always available for customers’ purchases.

As an author, I have access to Amazon Author Central.Whenever my Blue Brain needs help or my Green Brain needs information about my books, I contact Sam B.. Sam and I joke that our extensive book emails, over the past several years, actually could be another “Great American Novel.”

After each conversation with Sam B., I receive an email requesting my comment about my service. Today, I was so frustrated that I wrote a message complementing Sam B. and documenting my upset as an author and business woman and my consideration that this ongoing issue is a poor business practice and terrible customer service!

Complaining and doing nothing thing is not representative of my Green Brain Problem Solving Personality, so I concluded my comment by saying, “I hope to receive a reply and know this is problem, which Sam B. has so diligently worked on for so many years, has been permanently solved!”

Now my Green Brain is curious to see if I actually receive a reply and the bad customer service problem is finally resolved.

Think about how your Brain Color Personality handles bad customer service. Do you complain, do nothing and/or take action to stop bad customer service?

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  1. George on February 26, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    I use a graduated approach based on action and reaction. Today’s world adds the complexity of finding the target for the complaint–either the complainant cannot find a human to interact with (automated telephone answering systems), or the human subject is too stupid or doesn’t care.
    I’ve found the best solutions is to pay with a good credit card and simply initiate a product/payment dispute; or simply move the process to the “get even” phase–just don’t get shot in the process 🙂
    As the old saying goes, “Don’t get mad, get even”…

    • sheila on March 10, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      Hi, George. Oops, I just remembered that I had not responded to your astute. I appreciated your Green Logical and Precise process for handling Bad Customer Service. Thanks for your wise words! 🙂 <3

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